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We are tecmie

A digital enterprise platform offering digital services and solutions to startups, small and medium scale enterprises and also lean entrepreneurs within Africa and beyond.


We started out as a branding agency. We did design strategy, brand strategy, business strategy, logo design, print designs, website design. We were a heavily PHP WordPress agency. Basically, we started with designs and gradually the tech landscape changed. And from traditional ways of development, React and NodeJS were introduced and we started building, changing, evolving and gradually we grew alongside the team and clients

What they say

Highly professional web design, implementation and development, very strategic and engaged. I highly recommend Tecmie for building and structuring of professional projects.

Nana Tee

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

We were challenged!

Some businesses were not able to renew their sites after two (2) years, apart from those businesses that actually relied on technology to run their business. So we started looking differently at how we could take a new approach, like looking at businesses where technology was a backbone for the business or business which really relied on technology and which technology was enabled. Those were the clients that have their services renewed for over five years, so they became our new target. However, it was a challenge getting people across Nigeria, West Africa in general, to adopt technology services.


COVID happened which transformed the digital world. It was quite rapid and we leveraged on the rapid growth of digital transformation and that was when we launched Afrikathon. Afrikathon was launched during the Covid digital Transformation era and it gave us insight into what we needed to do for Africa over the next ten (10) years and particularly in Nigeria. We knew we needed to build software solutions that are tailored to meeting the needs of people's everyday activities.


We are launching our Venture Lab. It's a way for us to experiment with ideas and we are focusing on two (2) core verticals; namely AI and Blockchain.  With our Venture Lab we will build products, softwares and anything that has to do with emerging technology (Blockchain, AI, IoT) while leveraging the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We would also focus on those two (2) core verticals for our consulting clients.

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